The Council overturned all three vetoes!

After listening to ninety minutes of public comment and spending ninety minutes making speeches, the Council voted today to overturn the Mayor’s veto of the revised 2020 budget.

Thanks to all of you who made your voice heard in support of this issue, and an especial thanks to the protesters who risked their safety to achieve this goal. Today we can celebrate a real win.

For those interested in details, there were three bills the Mayor vetoed, the main budget bill and then two bills providing funding for community investment. The main budget bill had its veto overturned by 7-2 with CMs Pedersen and Juarez voting against. The other two vetos were overturned by unanimous votes.

The 2021 budget process begins next Tuesday the 29th when the Mayor presents her proposed budget. The next two months are going to be very important, and you can see a draft of the budget calendar here. I’ll be doing my best to keep you informed throughout the process. But for now, we can take a few days to rest, celebrate, and rejuvenate.