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Because I’ve been under the weather the last few days, today I’m going to give you a link salad of interesting articles I’ve been collecting over the last week, with less analysis than usual.
But first, a little on budget topics. As Kevin Schofield reported on Twitter, we’re looking at an interesting Friday, when the Seattle City Council is scheduled to go over issue identification for SPD. Apparently there is an error in the proposed budget, and it might be a pretty major one, so expect more on that soon!
SCC InsightSCC Insight


When I was doing the data-entry last week, I came across a significant error in SPD’s proposed budget. I raised it with the City Budget Office, who acknowledged the error and said it would be fixed in an errata delivered to the Council.
1:40 PM – 10 Oct 2021

Relatedly, this Friday morning would be a good time to give public comment about the SPD budget and/or budgeting for alternatives to public safety. Public comment starts at 9:30am and you can sign up starting at 7:30am. And thanks to everyone who gave public comment at the first budget hearing last night!

From the first budget issue identification meeting this morning, it sounds like there is going to be some wrangling related to the JumpStart spending plan and how the Mayor chose to allocate those dollars. CM Sawant will also be trying to bring forward an amendment to increase the JumpStart tax, but we’ll see if she can get enough co-sponsors. It does seem that in order to maintain funding for the Equitable Communities Taskforce and participatory budgeting beyond this year, the Council will need to identify a new revenue source.

And here’s my live tweet thread of Monday’s Seattle Council Briefing:

Amy SundbergAmy Sundberg


Good morning and welcome to today’s Seattle Council Briefing!
9:31 AM – 11 Oct 2021


Link Salad

Washington State Patrol’s hiring under fire as agency failed to diversify over decades | The Seattle Times

Cops Can Take Your Stuff and Not Give It Back. We Must Change That. - Slog - The Stranger

Scott Hechinger
This report just out from U. of Chicago tells us, w/o doubt, that incarceration, this “solution” we spend billions on, is not a solution. It is a failed experiment. And that if officials actually care about safety, they should not be supporting it.

https://t.co/oEX21m0trm https://t.co/lceV6mEPNt

Indigenous families on the epidemic of missing and murdered women | Crosscut

Dozens of states have tried to end qualified immunity. Police officers and unions helped beat nearly every bill. - The Washington Post

Election Headlines

Majority of King County Council denounces Kathy Lambert campaign mailer as racist | The Seattle Times

King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert stripped of committee chairmanships after offensive mailer | The Seattle Times

Seattle mayoral candidate Bruce Harrell posed for photos without mask at large event | The Seattle Times

City Council careers show how mayoral candidates M. Lorena González and Bruce Harrell have served Seattle | The Seattle Times